Throughout the project process, we want our customers to really understand what they are getting when working with Westview. We can clearly explain design ideas and communicate the outcome of the project to our customers from as early on as possible by using renderings, models, computer-aided design, engineering plans, and a variety of other methods. Customer feedback and dialog is extremely important to us, as this ensures a high-quality outcome.

System Commissioning

The system commissioning process is one of the most fundamental elements of the highly technical systems involved in a project, yet it is frequently overlooked.

The efficiency in which Westview performs system start-ups results in a streamlined commissioning process, saving time and money for the owner on reduced follow-up service calls. We commission well over 400 systems a year, comprising a list of dozens of manufacturers products. Our reputation in system commissioning of control systems provide our customers with the confidence that the staff managing the projects are highly competent by experience.


Westview employs ETCP-certified riggers at the foreman and technician level, as well as within our project management team, ensuring not only compliance with project manuals, but also providing a higher degree of quality and safety on the jobsite. We believe in providing this added value for our consultants as well as owners.

Each component goes through a multistep safety verification process by our engineer staff to ensure every part we use is rated for 10 times the intended load. At Westview, we strive to exceed customer expectations is the foundation of our character, and our customers see that in every part of their experience.

Westview OnSite

Westview OnSite helps customers manage and maintain their systems long after opening day.  With Westview OnSite, maintenance programs, staffing solutions, and service plans help ensure longevity of the equipment to keep everything functioning efficiently at top performance capabilities.  Minimizing costly downtimes, Westview OnSite provides quick and reliable support for maintenance staff, and ongoing software updates and feature training to technical staff.  Providing user confidence in the system is our long-term goal, as we start each project not just with a completion date, but with your future in mind.  Click here to learn more about how Westview service and maintenance programs help give back to the community.

In addition to the Service and Support options detailed here, Westview also offers the following solutions to our customers. 

  • Warranty Extension
  • Customized Training
  • Continuing Education
  • Remote System Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • 24-hour Preferred Service Program
  • Plan Review
  • CAD
  • Master Planning
  • Modeling & Rendering
  • Design Assistance
  • Rigging System Inspection