Why Westview Rigging?

As theater systems are becoming more complex it is important that you choose an integration company that is on the leading edge of the industry. Theatrical Systems Installation are the roots of Westview Productions. Our team company started in the theaters and have grown into one of the leaders in the industry. Our team believes strongly in the standards set forth by ETCP, and employees several ETCP certified rigging technicians. Its these standards and passion that drives our team’s mission to do every job right, no matter what it takes. This is despite some of the  shortcuts in the rigging industry that are seen during rigging inspections, Westview has had a stance from Day 1 to do quality work that is safe, visually appealing, and best fits the space and customer needs. This means your rigging system will have longevity, serving your performance space needs for years to come. We take pride in knowing our systems will help plays, concerts, and much more will take place, and are dedicated to going above and beyond with our rigging systems so that those performances go smoothly.