Westview adds yet another ETCP-certified Rigger to Team

Denver, Colorado, July 24, 2019:  Westview is proud to announce that Daniel Lewis has successfully completed the ETCP Rigger – Theatre certification. This highly respected certification focuses on disciplines that directly affect the safety of crews, performers, and audiences. To become certified, Lewis had to pass an extensive examination and possess specific professional qualifications, including formal education, apprenticeships, and qualified field time. 

"We congratulate Daniel for his commitment to the rigging profession," says Zach Baldry, Field Services Manager at Westview. "The ETCP certification program is the gold standard in the industry and is also important to us as an organization. Daniel’s certification definitely adds to the value of our team.”

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is a voluntary industry certification program that, through required hands-on experience, extensive education, and an intensive examination, awards certification to successful candidates in several fields of the entertainment technology field, including rigging. Currently there are approximately 2,300 ETCP certified theatre riggers worldwide.

Lewis has been at Westview Productions since 2007, and is based in the Colorado office, supporting the installation team of Westview Productions. He can be reached at