Westview Productions, founded in 2004 by Eric Bloom, has evolved greatly over the years to meet the growing demand of its customers. In the early years, Westview Productions supported several Denver-based production companies by providing equipment in addition to skilled riggers and lighting programmers. As the demand for more performance spaces in Colorado grew, Westview Productions used its experience to transition into the world of construction, building, and installing rigging and lighting solutions in new venues and school auditoriums all around the state. Westview Productions also took on the role of supporting several Colorado-based theatrical dealers by offering services such as certified theatrical riggers. Soon the company saw an opportunity to also commission lighting control systems in the venues where work was already being performed.

Westview Productions local reputation steadily grew stronger, gaining prime vendor and customer relations. Westview Productions also actively does work beyond performance spaces, and has gained vast experience in both commercial lighting control aimed at sustainability and specialty entertainment space rigging. Westview Productions has completed hundreds of jobs throughout the country in both new construction and retro-fit applications.

Westview Productions is recognized as a trusted design partner and installer, encompassing control systems integration for schools, municipalities, corporate campuses, health care facilities, sports venues, house of worship, hotels, and all sizes of commercial buildings. With the exponential growth in demand for sustainable energy solutions combined with growing LED technology, Westview Productions is once again evolving using the quality relationships developed with manufacturers and distributors combined with extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art luminaires and lighting controls. Along with the existing services, Westview Productions now has a system solution department. The focus is to provide solid sustainable solutions for commercial spaces of any size.