The world of lighting controls is becoming more complex and demanding every day. The days of simple time-clocks are behind us, and the need for complex integration and energy monitoring is just the beginning of where our industry is going. The design and installation teams are finding that more time and attention is needed to be spent on lighting controls. Westview Productions has developed our skills of being the intermediary between the customer, end users, electrical contractors, electrical engineers, architects, and system manufacturers to provide integrated systems that meet everyone’s needs in a cost effective manner. 

Westview Productions strives to build a long lasting relationship with the end users and building operators through service agreements that ensure the longevity of your lighting control system. Its this reason that we believe there is a correct system for each instance. Although Westview Productions has several strong manufacturing partners we are not tied to any single system. This allows our design team to proved the right solution for your project. 

Westview Productions proudly offers design, install, and perform services on systems both new and old. Our team of lighting control technicians have an in-depth understanding of many network and communication protocols, wiring structures, and electrical subsystems, which allows us to be an expert in the industry. From lighting systems optimization to network programming, system troubleshooting, end user training, and maintenance, Westview can find the lighting solution that meets your needs and budget.